Saturday, August 11, 2012

finally we at the end of road

Times move so fast and it never wait for us even for a sec. I still remember my first time registered at Uni with all the kinder helper, tension, woke up so early on the morning and we are force to do somethingwe dislike until we thought it was a tortured. But actually that make us to become today. All the sacrifice and pain and sadness fade away when we now sit together around table with friends and story to each other about the past. Laughing loudly and it just so sweet to be remember. Even sometimes, the bad memory about things that could make we angry and tense turn good when it being remember now. Oh Uni, thats mean lot and lot. Everything start to become new Azie when i first step on Uni life..i did things i never thought thats it  me who did that. I found friends sharing good and bad time. I learn about life is not only about fun and thought and sad its about the mixture and blend of experience we collect from each things we done. Yeah, I laugh a lot and people might thought i never been serious in anything I did. But, you dont know me inside. At uni, i learn we cant simply judge people on how they act spontaneously and we cant simply look down on other people.They might have superb double hero ability but they just not show it yet. With the knowledge we get at each step we make since the last 2 years, it change us to be Today.. we may think we just the same like before but we didnt actually =P
When time just around of corner, whereas we will make our own direction, that is the hardest part in friendship. It wont be long longer we will stick to each other but the memory we drawon the past is hard to erase even with any magical we used. The joy that we make and sad we through together and tension that we have during group working its just the past and one days we will miss all that moment and hoping we have back to the future machine..lols.. thats obviously too much of dreamer..

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